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What Makes Us Different?

Here at Rocky Camp you have an amazing opportunity to jump into a great bonding and educational experience with your dog. We don't simply focus on obedience but educating owners about dog and wolf psychology and how they relate to day to day training. 


Private In-Home Training

It is easy to achieve results in a foreign place but the biggest issue with most training companies is not addressing the issues at home. This is why we focus on private in-home training. We come to you to achieve success on the home front on any issue ranging from basic obedience  to aggression to pharmaceutical intervention. 


Our trainers have experience and education!

It is easy for anyone to train a dog for basic obedience and call themselves a trainer. It is not quite as easy to hold a masters degree in animal psychology in addition to over 10 years of experience in the animal training field. This is what you'll get working with a certified animal behaviorist with Rocky Camp. 

Meet Your Trainer!

TJ Punchard - Lead Animal Behaviorist

TJ is an avid dog lover and Lead Certified Dog Trainer and Behaviorist at Rocky Camp. 

Growing up TJ was always the kid that brought home any neighborhood stray he could find along with injured birds, baby birds, cats, dogs, ferrets, etc. You name it and not only has TJ tried owned it but train it as well!
After his organic training growing up near farm country with many dogs, TJ was employed and certified with the Petco company as a dog training instructor. 

After putting in some time TJ branched out to private in-home training. This allowed TJ the freedom to grow and develop a method of training that not only works for great results in behavior but also a deeper bond between the pet and pet parent.​

In 2011 TJ was officially recognized as an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evalutor allowing him to pave the way for working with future service and working dogs. TJ also recently completed his completed his masters in pyschology with a focus on animal and child development and cognition. TJ continues to work as a animal behaviors while prepping for PhD program's in Animal Behavior. 


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